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Biographical notes

Vincenzo Mastrangelo, born 1957 in Maratea, Italy, is a photographer, visual artist and musician. He learned photography as a craft. From an early age he was interested in ethnic and cultural studies of his environment.

In the late 70's he came into contact with the photographer Antonio Jannotti, with whom he was friends. Together they traveled around the Gulf of Policastro and documented the area Cilento, which is located in the Campania region (province of Salerno), in the south of Italy. In 1991 significant parts of the area were declared a National Park and in 1998 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Cilento und Vallo di Diano).

After stays in France and the former Yugoslavia, Mastrangelo came to Berlin in 1982 to dedicate himself to his ethnic and cultural interests. Here he became friends with the artists Jürgen Klauke, Dietmar Kirves, Bruno S., Blalla W. Hallmann, Peter Meseck, Klaus Theuerkauf, Stu Mead, Miron Zownir, und Natalia E. Woytasik.

His photographic work has been published in several newspapers, including Berlin's Karneval Erotica, Karneval der Kulturen, Love Parade and Christopher Street Day. From these photographs the book  parade parade.

As a photographer he was involved in book publications of Jacob Weinand, Elvira Bach, Claudia Skoda, Heike Muehlhaus and others.

In 1983 he began to paint and design objects alongside his photography.

In 1989 he was selected for the Marlboro Design Competition together with Alessandro Mendini, Karlheinz Krug, Otto Sudrow, Michael Peters, Winfried Scheuer and Matteo Thun.

In the 1990s, alluding to his stay in Berlin, he exhibited his first Berlin Bronze Bear in the Museum of the City of Bari/Italy, which was later followed by a Toy Bear and a Concrete Bear. For him, this was a homage to the Berlin bear that defies all adversity.

At the turn of the millennium he was a member of the Generation Zero group together with Flex, Peter Meseck, LST und Friedrich Wall.

2001 Collaboration with Karl-Heinz Kahne alias Tom China, member of the group endart. More than 70 pictures with street paintings and sculptures were created as Cityflowers. They were left behind and abandoned for the general public in Germany, Poland and Italy.

From 2005 to 2012 he worked on his project Fiore di Mare [Sea Flowers]. He assembled objects found on the seashore, such as plastic scraps, bones and industrial waste, into objects and later brought them via computer processing to new dimensionality.

Since 2010 he has been devoting himself more and more to music withTheremin and founded the music group Polvere in Cantina.